A family of security audit and benchmarking tools...

SekChek for MS-Exchange

A family of audit and benchmarking tools...
SekChek for MS-Exchange

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SekChek supports the most common computer systems...

A SekChek for MS-Exchange security audit report provides...

Graphical summaries

  • Comparisons against leading security practices
  • Answers to common questions about security
  • Comparisons of security over time and across system

Summary and detailed reports

  • Exchange Databases
  • Exchange Organisation
  • Exchange Servers
  • Exchange Storage Groups
  • Exchange Users

Note that a SekChek for Exchange report also contains the report sections included in a SekChek for Active Directory report.

All SekChek security reports have a similar look and feel, which saves you time. Once you are familiar with the layout of one report you can easily find your way around the reports for all other systems.

Audit tool options

Download SekChek Local softwareSekChek Local tool only.

The Scan process consists of a small program that executes on a PC with network access to the Exchange Server. The program makes standard Microsoft API calls to the Exchange Server.

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