Installing the SekChek Software

SekChek Classic

The SekChek Classic software is installed on a regular PC. It is used to create copies of the Scan software, which are executed on selected remote target systems.

The Scan software supports systems running OS/400, Active Directory, MS-Windows, UNIX variants and Novell / Netware.

For detailed instructions to install SekChek Classic, please see: Installing SekChek Classic.

SekChek Local

SekChek Local is installed on a network-attached workstation. It is used to scan target systems over the network.

SekChek Local supports all versions of Active Directory and MS-Windows

For detailed instructions to install SekChek Local, please see: Installing SekChek Local.

Important Ensure you install the software with the Administrator account.

Important View SekChek’s software signing certificate.

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