SekChek Classic: Decrypting your Report package

After you have run a security Scan and received your encrypted report file, you must transfer the report file to a PC that has the SekChek Classic software installed. Select the file and enter your secret pass-phrase to decrypt the report package.

To decrypt your report package

From the SekChek Classic software on your PC: select the tab for the appropriate SekChek tool; click Decrypt; and select the report package. You can also drag the encrypted report file onto SekChek’s main form.

Select the SekChek tool, click Decrypt

Enter your secret pass-phrase

SekChek will prompt you to enter your secret pass-phrase in order to decrypt the report package. The decryption process will create a collection of MS-Word and MS-Access or MS-Excel report files in the same directory.

Enter your secret pass-phrase

Naming conventions for encrypted report packages

  • AS/400: SEKASR.SDE
  • Active Directory and Windows Server: SEKWIR.SDE
  • Netware: SEKNER.SDE

Misplaced your decryption password?

Request your 15 most recently used passwords from the SekChek software on your PC:

  • Select the Utilities tab
  • Select the Decryption passwords check box
  • Click Send Request

SRequest system: Get passwords

You can also do this manually by sending an email with the Subject line ‘SRequest=FileCodes’ (minus the quotes) to

You will receive an automated response from SekChek’s service request system after a few minutes.

Important You cannot decrypt SekChek files with other products, such as WinZip

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