SekChek Classic: Download software

Download SekChek Classic softwareDownload SekChek Classic software V5.1.4 (26 June 2017): SekClient.exe (10 Mb)

SekChek Classic flow diagramThe SekChek Classic family of tools provides you with everything you need to audit and benchmark security on your servers and domains.

SekChek Classic provides you with a comprehensive audit report in MS-Word and Access / Excel formats, including graphical and non-technical summary reports, an overall rating of security against real-life industry averages, detailed security implications and general recommendations.

The SekChek package includes:

Platforms supported

To install the SekChek software on your PC

Execute the downloaded file (SekClient.exe) and follow the instructions on the screen. We recommend that you accept the default directory... ‘C:\Program Files\SekChek\’.

If you have an older version of SekChek installed on your PC, you must remove it before starting the installation process. You can do this via Programs and Features in Windows’ Control Panel.

See Installing SekChek for more information.

Please set aside some time to read the instructions in SekChek’s Help file before you use the software. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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