SekChek Classic: User Options (General Tab)

The purpose of this screen

This is where you define your personal preferences and run-time options, such as your contact details and report formatting requirements. The values are remembered between sessions, so you only have to define them once.

Your option settings are used as default values when you create the Scan software or encrypt a Scan file.

The information ensures we can identify the owner of a Scan file, influences the behaviour of the Scan software and provides us with the instructions we need to ensure your report is processed in the required format.

Note that these values can be overridden during the Scan and Encryption processes.

The user options menu

View client specific options tab View client specific options tab View: Customer Code View: Encryption Password View: Use Public Key Encryption View: Summary Document View: Default Path

Name and City/Office/Country

The name of the person requesting the SekChek service. E.g. John Smith, Seattle, USA

Telephone Number

This ensures we can contact you if we encounter problems or require clarification of your processing instructions. Please use the international format. E.g. +44 (171) 936 3000

Customer Code

Your 6 character customer code for SekChek services.

Leave as ‘<---->’ if you don't know your customer code and we will enter it for you.

Encryption Password

The password will be automatically included inside your encrypted Scan files. This password is not used to encrypt your Scan files, but is used to encrypt your SekChek reports.

SekChek requires a complex password consisting of at least 8 alpha-numeric characters. E.g. 1Lettuce4U

Use Public Key Encryption

Enables SekChek’s Public Key encryption features.

These features ensure your Scan files and reports are securely encrypted with SekChek’s certificate and industry-standard encryption algorithms, such as RSA and AES.

We recommend you turn this option on.

Preferred Report Format

Specify the format you require your SekChek reports in. E.g. Word 2007.

Paper Size

In general, Letter size stationery is used in the USA, Canada and some South American countries. A4 is mostly used in Europe, Australia, Far Eastern countries and Africa.


Specify English US or English UK. Examples of spelling differences are color (colour) and summarize (summarise).

Large Report Options

SekChek reports can be very large, so we provide 2 file formats for large report sections: MS-Access and MS-Excel.

For example, if you request ‘All report sections greater than 100 lines in an Excel document’ the main report will be in Word format and report sections with less than 100 lines will be written to the document as Word tables.

However, report sections with more than 100 lines will be written to Excel and the main Word document will contain hyper-links that point to the sections in Excel.

If you request ‘All report sections greater than 0 lines in an Access document’ the main report will be in Word format and all detailed report sections will be written to an Access document. The main Word document will contain hyper-links that point to the sections in Access.

Produce Summary Document

Click on to request a summary document containing an overall rating of security against the industry average and a consultant’s comments on the report.

Default Path

The default path for functions such as encrypting and decrypting Scan files and reports, and creating the Scan software.

Notification Request: Receive my Scan file

Instructs SekChek to notify you via email to confirm that we have received your Scan file. View sample.

Notification Request: Return my Report package

Instructs SekChek to notify you via email to confirm that your encrypted Report package has been despatched to you. View sample.

Notification Request: Delete my Scan data and Report...

Instructs SekChek to notify you via email as soon as your Scan data has been deleted from our system. View sample.

Do not store my password in clear text

By default SekChek writes your password to its INI and log files in clear text format. Turn on to ensure your password is stored in a scrambled format. This serves as a mild deterrent against casual or inquisitive intruders.

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