News - October 2009

SekChek Classic V5.0.3: Release Notes

Main software:

  • Added a Ping utility to the Tools menu. The utility is useful for analysing network connectivity issues.

  • Added the ability to view and verify the digital signature on the SekChek software (SekChek.exe).

  • Updated the Help file to reflect the many recent changes made to the software.

SekChek for Windows:

  • Added a new 'System Configuration' report section. The new report lists properties for the following objects: Computer; Operating System; Processors; BIOS; Page files; Network adapter; and Motherboard.

  • Report on Global Catalog servers defined in the domain.

  • Scan 'password complexity' and 'store passwords with reversible encryption' controls on member Servers.

  • Ensure SekChek always binds to the target machine's domain instead of the authenticated user's domain. This allows the Scan to be run from an Administrator account in any trusted domain, as long as the account has sufficient privileges to Scan the target domain.

SekChek for UNIX:

  • Added several new system policies to the scan and summary reports.

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