Newsletter - January 2012

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This Newsletter summarises the changes and improvements to SekChek’s tools and services over the past few months. Click on the pale blue text for more information.

SekChek Classic Tool
SekChek Classic provides an easy-to-read collection of exception reports and an overall rating of security. Some of the recent enhancements include:
SekChek Local Tool
SekChek Local scans Active Directory domains and Windows servers over the network. The tool processes scan data locally on your PC, so you do not have to send data off-site for processing.

Recent enhancements:
We freshened the content and added new pages, which include:
Future Plans: 1H 2012
Release new versions of SekChek Classic and Local:
  • A face-lift / new GUI for SekChek Classic
  • Easier software updates
  • Reduced Scan times
  • New digital certificates
  • PC Auditor will cater for non-western languages
SekChek’s Library of Security Tools
We extended SekChek’s library of embedded security tools, which now includes:
We are always looking for ideas that make SekChek more useful to you. If you have a tool in mind, please let us know so we can consider it for development!

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