News - 11 September 2011

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Release Notes: SekChek Local V1.5.0

We released version 1.5.0 of the SekChek Local tool, which includes the following enhancements:

  • SekChek for Active Directory. Improved the accuracy of last logon times for domain user accounts.

    The Scan process now uses a property available from Server 2003, which is updated every 14 days and replicated across Domain Controllers (DCs). SekChek compares this value with the last logon property (not replicated) on the DC being scanned, and uses the most recent of the 2 values.

    If you need even more accuracy (the very latest last login times), you must select the run-time option that forces SekChek to query all DCs in the domain.
  • SekChek for Active Directory and SAM. List File Permissions (DACLs) report. Improved the resolution of: SIDs to Domain\Account names; and a domain name of BUILTIN for a trustee to the trustee’s actual domain or machine name.
  • A new tool: List Access Permissions. The tool queries Discretionary Access Control Lists (DACLs) defined on files and folders on local and remote systems. It lists all Access Control Entries (ACEs) in an object’s DACL.

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