Digital Certificates, Public Keys

Public keys for SekChek software

The public keys below are used to encrypt Scan files generated by the SekChek Classic software and to ensure the SekChek software is authentic and has not been tampered with.

Download SekChek Local software Download SekChek’s public keys

Important All software on this web site is digitally signed with the certificate below.

Digital certificate information

  • Name: SekChek Information Protection Services cc
  • Valid from: 09 May 2016
  • Valid to: 17 July 2018
  • Issuer: thawte SHA256 Code Signing CA
  • Serial number: 5c c0 4c b3 82 16 1d 39 7a 85 a3 9d ac 0c fb 91
  • Thumbprint (sha1): 13 3a 91 ef ed 3b 2a 04 65 06 51 9f db 40 e5 15 06 2f e7 7a

SekChek’s digital certificate

Encryption algorithms

  • Symmetric encryption: 3DES, AES
  • Public key encryption: RSA
  • Public key length: 2048 bits

Public key for encrypting emails (S/MIME)

The certificate below is used for encrypting emails transmitted to SekChek.

Download SekChek Local software Download SekChek’s public key for encrypting email

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