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SekChek Services and Solutions

SekChek IPS provides host system auditing, benchmarking and security assessment services for IT departments, auditors, compliance and corporate governance departments.

Used by hundreds of organisations around the world, SekChek’s automated analysis quickly determines how a company’s security controls stack up against similar deployments – not in theory, but using current, real-world data. This unique compliance intelligence guides IT auditors, IT system administrators, Chief Security Officers and security service providers toward improved security standards and industry best practices.

SekChek’s comprehensive, structured and easy-to-understand reports provide ready-made working papers to satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements, and maximise auditor productivity.

The SekChek Difference

SekChek provides a complete evaluation of a computer system’s security control settings, benchmarking them against an extensive database of summarised security data. This unique, dynamic database - containing sanitised statistics derived from over 80,000 security reviews of systems in 140 countries, across 22 industries - incorporates over 50 million security measurements.

Industry average graph

This means you can compare your organisation’s security practices against others in the same industry.

Unlike packaged security software, SekChek provides a system ‘reality check’ based on real-world benchmarks that are continually updated.

Besides analysing strengths and weaknesses of security control settings, SekChek is designed to also assess security vulnerabilities stemming from inappropriate segregation of duties among system users and technical support staff.

SekChek also lists exposures and provides recommendations, which help you to improve compliance and security.

Assessing Your System

SekChek safely extracts security control settings and values from any system or domain, providing a complete, not sample-based, audit of security controls. In turn, SekChek’s assessment process analyses every security object on the system under review, including users, groups, policies and profiles.

The security settings and values are then benchmarked against the data points in SekChek’s stratified database, mapped against the client’s industry or all industries, geography, operating platform and number of system users.

A client’s data can also be benchmarked against international leading practices or the company’s own internal security policy and standards.

Clients receive objective, independent reports - typically within 6 hours - and guaranteed within 24 hours.

Reports include both technical details as well as a high-level graphical summary which can be easily interpreted by senior, non-technical management. Reports are generated in the subscriber’s choice of Microsoft Word, Excel or Access formats, and are sent to clients in encrypted format.

SekChek can also facilitate measurement of an organisation’s own internal performance from one point in time to another. Unique time-based comparisons are presented in a trend graph format that can be used to substantiate security improvements for Sarbanes-Oxley reporting.

System Particulars

SekChek evaluation and benchmarking services, available 24/7 via, are available on a per-use basis or via a multi-use discount subscription. No software licensing fees are required.

In addition to security benchmarking, SekChek provides integrated utilities, including advanced encryption software, a PC audit tool, a file splitter, and service request utilities.


  • Supports OS400 (iSeries), Microsoft Windows, Active Directory, UNIX (all variants), Novell / Netware
  • Automatically recognises the system type and determines whether to analyse domain-wide policies and accounts or local security settings and controls
  • Provides summary reports in an easy-to-read graphical style, in MS-Word, Access and Excel file formats
  • Uses a straightforward, intuitive interface that is consistent across all target platforms - eliminating expense of training in usage, maintenance, security admin and deployment
  • Makes no changes to the target system; it does not install DLLs or change the system registry
  • Does not require the installation of software agents on target systems
  • Is a license-free service - a pay-per-use pricing model

SekChek’s Track Record

Besides being a security assessment tool, SekChek is also an exceptionally reliable, confidential, and high-quality service that has met the stringent expectations of information security practitioners throughout the world. Corporations have come to rely on SekChek’s benchmarking and risk assessment tools to centralise security reviews of their global systems.

Through its close relationship with prominent auditing firms and major multinational corporations, SekChek IPS has emerged as a respected global leader in IT operating systems auditing and industry benchmarking.

SekChek is used in 140 countries worldwide, across the following industries:

  • Building and Construction
  • Communications
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Farming and Fishing
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverages
  • Government
  • Hotels and Catering
  • Import/Export
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Mining and Oil Exploration
  • Non Profit
  • Public Utilities
  • Retailing
  • Services and Consulting
  • Shipping and Freight
  • Transportation

Our Security Promise

SekChek’s mission is to guide our clients to adopt the most secure host systems practices that current technology can achieve. Our ongoing product development and mature benchmarking intelligence keep our clients on the cutting edge of security practices. We are steeped in the technical development and security features of the platforms we analyse, providing us with the insight we need to advise our clients on adopting the most effective security practices available.

SekChek is committed to the security and confidentiality of our clients’ data. We provide for this through secure industry-standard encryption methods and robust data-center practices. We are regularly subject to external audits which provide independent assurance to our clients.

Please contact us to learn more about the SekChek service, or obtain a free trial report.

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