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Computer Security Evaluator SekChek Announces Brand New Product for On-Site Security Assessments

Charlotte, N.C. – Mar. 17, 2008 – SekChek® Information Protection Services (IPS) today announced the release of SekChek_Local™, a brand-new version of its automated computer security assessment tool, which now offers on-site security analysis and reporting.

“This new tool provides a long awaited alternative to our 10-year established ‘Classic’ version of SekChek, which currently produces reports in MS Word assessing overall security against a benchmark of industry averages”, says Andrew Chodelski, Vice President of Global Marketing for SekChek. The new SekChek_Local™ tool allows Clients to scan and analyze security controls without having to send data off-site for processing. 

Initially, our new product will cater for Microsoft Windows' servers and Microsoft Active Directory.  We plan to release an updated version, which analyzes database security in Microsoft SQL servers, by April 2008.

The new 'Local' version runs on a workstation and requests (scans) security related information from one or more specified Hosts over the network.  It then allows you to process the Scan files and view the results locally instead of having to send data to SekChek for analysis.  Processing of Scan files is activated via email through a subscription Token mechanism which is fully automated.

Besides permitting on-site analysis of Host security, SekChek_Local™ allows clients to review security on multiple servers at a time, enabling efficient comparison of security implementations.

SekChek operates by safely scanning a host system’s control settings and providing a complete – not sample-based – review of security controls. These assessments offer confirmation of effective security configurations, and confidence that control implementations are in line with policy and leading IT security practices.

For more information about SekChek’s new product and other product information, contact SekChek IPS at (888) 725-7859 or via Marketing USA.

About SekChek IPS
SekChek® Information Protection Services (SekChek IPS) provides automated host system security assessment tools for IT departments, auditors, compliance and corporate governance departments. These tools provide detailed reviews of Windows, Unix (& Linux), AS/400 and Netware platforms. SekChek products, available 24/7 via the company website, are available on a per-use basis or by discount subscription. No software licensing fees are required. Visit for more information.

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