News - June 2007

SekChek Marks 10-Year Anniversary Providing Unique Security Assessment Tools

SekChek’s Security Benchmarking Solution, with Over 25 Million
Security Measures, Now Available Directly from SekChek

Charlotte, N.C. – June 18, 2007 – SekChek® Information Protection Services (IPS), providers of automated computer security assessments, celebrates a decade of industry-leading innovation and excellence in security auditing this year.

“For the past 10 years, public companies have relied upon SekChek® security evaluations conducted by their IT auditing firms. We’d like these users to know that since 2005, SekChek IPS has offered a direct service, whereby these companies can utilize SekChek tools directly from,” said Andrew Chodelski, vice president of global marketing for SekChek IPS. “Our new direct-to-customer service has evolved amid changes in regulatory disclosure rules and an increased need for compliance and security tools.”

In 10 years of providing security assessments via major auditing firms – Deloitte in particular – SekChek IPS has compiled a unique and extensive database of summarized performance statistics.  As a result, its clients can benchmark the results of their own security audits against their industry peers, by platform and size of system, based on number of users. Finally, CIOs and compliance executives have an independent, objective, real-life basis against which to validate and compare their reported IT security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This unique context offers more informed and effective decisions about addressing IT security improvements.

The SekChek proprietary database contains derived statistical averages compiled from computer reviews in 95 countries across 22 industries. These statistics, which are sanitized to remove any traces of their corporate origins, represent over 50,000 security reviews, incorporating over 25 million security measurements. “This is an exceptionally valuable set of data intelligence with which to compare an organization’s own security and compliance practices,” added Chodelski.

In recognition of its 10-year anniversary, SekChek IPS is offering up to a 50% rate reduction for SekChek reviews of standalone Windows servers: to analyze security policies and accounts local to individual servers (not domain-wide security). For more information about this special promotion, which is effective until the end of 2007, contact SekChek IPS at (888) 725-7859 or SekChek Marketing

About SekChek IPS
SekChek® Information Protection Services (SekChek IPS) provides automated Host system auditing and security assessment tools for IT departments, auditors, compliance and corporate governance departments. SekChek reviews, available 24/7 via the company website, are available on a per-use basis or via a multiuse discount subscription. No software licensing fees are required. 

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