News - April 2007

Release Notes: SekChek V4.9.5

SekChek V4.9.5 was recently released. If you do not have access to a copy, let us know and we will send it to you. It is also available on our web-site. 

SekChek Client Software.  We added a new, User-selectable feature that allows us to use PKI-techniques to encrypt Report packages with your public key (digital certificate). SekChek will automatically locate the corresponding private key in your Certificate store and use it to decrypt your Report without you having to enter a password. Let us know if you are interested in this feature.

V4.9.5 introduces features that make it easier to manage multiple Extract files, such as: Extended filenames which saves you having to create separate folders for multiple Extract files and Reports; and smarter file drag / drop capabilities, allowing the use of UNC paths so you can select files from network and virtual drives. Examples of extended filenames are: SEKUNF MyHost.z and SEK2KF MyName And the Sample Reports on our website and in the Client software have been refreshed to reflect the many improvements we have introduced in recent releases of the software.

SekChek for Windows. We added the ability to analyse DACLs and SACLs on User-selected files and directories.  This means you can analyse access permissions and auditing options on your system’s key files and folders. Analyses are presented in a very familiar Windows-like format.

We also included an ‘autorun’ feature, which allows the Extract software to be executed without pausing for ‘operator’ prompts.  We believe clients with many Windows servers to scan will find this feature improves efficiency and turnaround.  It also allows you to pre-define run-time options, so you can distribute your Extracts to remote locations for execution by persons unfamiliar with SekChek’s processing options and prompts.

You can find more details about the enhancements introduced in this release in SekChek’s Help file. You are also welcome to send your questions to us via email.

Other News

Discount for analysing Windows Standalone Servers.  We are offering an additional discount where SekChek is used to analyse local security settings and accounts on Windows standalone Servers (i.e. non-Domain Controllers).  The discount can be up to 50% of the usual rate for a Windows review, if you elect to receive a detailed SekChek report without the Report Summary document.  Please contact us for a quotation, especially if you are considering using SekChek to analyse a large number of Windows standalone Servers or workstations.

Security reminder. Please remember to encrypt your Extract files with SekChek’s public key encryption features before transmitting them for processing. These features are enabled by clicking on the checkbox ‘Use Public Key Encryption’ under Tools | Options | General.

Sarbanes-Oxley. We are receiving an increasing number of Extract files in support of compliance reviews for SOX and other legislation. SekChek is ideally suited to these reviews because it provides an independent, point-in-time snapshot of security controls. It also provides a quick indication of whether security controls have strengthened or weakened since the previous time SekChek was run. Let us know if you need help with using this run-to-run comparison feature.

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