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SekChek Receives USA Trademark Approval

Charlotte, N.C. – Aug. 28, 2007 – SekChek® Information Protection Services (IPS), a leading provider of system security auditing and IT security assessment tools, today announced the company name, SekChek, has received U.S. trademark approval.

“The SekChek trademark -- registering SekChek for automated computer security review services on host computers -- strengthens our unique brand profile and protects our company brand from any dilution in a crowded security and information protection marketplace,” said Andrew Chodelski, vice president of marketing, SekChek.

The SekChek tool safely extracts security control settings from an enterprise’s host operating system, providing a complete review of security effectiveness compared with international “leading practices”.  The SekChek service, originally available to companies through their IT auditing firms, is now available directly to corporate customers on a single-use or subscription basis via the company’s website,

In addition, SekChek provides security benchmark results against a unique database of statistical averages, compiled over 10 years from sanitized computer reviews in 100 countries, across 22 industries. SekChek helps companies quickly determine how their security controls stack up against similar industry deployments, offering unique intelligence to ensure an organization's computer security is in line with policy and regulation.

For more information about SekChek’s services, contact SekChek IPS at (888) 725-7859 or via Marketing USA

About SekChek IPS
SekChek® Information Protection Services (SekChek IPS) provides automated host system auditing and security assessment tools for IT departments, auditors, compliance and corporate governance departments. SekChek reviews, available 24/7 via the company website, are available on a per-use basis or by discount subscription. No software licensing fees are required. Visit for more information.

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