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Computer Security Evaluator SekChek Announces New Product: SekChek Local

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We are excited to announce the release of a new product called SekChek Local which provides an alternative security analysis option to our current (SekChek Classic) offerings.

We are extending our family of tools with a new line of token-based, on-site Security reporting software. Beginning with the Windows platform, the SekChek Local tools deliver SekChek’s Security assessments without the need to send Scan data for off-site analysis. A version that analyses security inside SQL Server databases is close to completion.

SekChek Local offers the following features stemming from feedback and requests from many of our clients:

  • Analysis of the security information is performed on-site, so no security data is sent to SekChek for analysis.

  • The software runs on any workstation connected to a Windows network. The Scan does not run on the target host or Domain Controller, but rather requests information over the network from selected servers, workstations or domains.

  • SekChek Local reports are activated by an Access Token, which is obtained from SekChek Operations via email. Tokens are automatically issued within minutes of receiving your automated Token Request.  Access Tokens can be obtained on a 365 x 24 hour basis, permitting SekChek Local assessments to be completed in less than an hour.

  • A Tokens permit scanned data to be imported, in MS-Access format, into a Report Database containing a collection of predefined reports. The standard reports provide immediate answers to the most common security audit questions.

  • Experienced users can leverage standard reports with MS-Access' powerful data manipulation utilities and develop their own customised queries.

  • SekChek Local can analyse many hosts in a single Scan over the network. This makes it easy to compare security across multiple hosts.

  • Like SekChek Classic, Local also has minimal impact on a client’s system environment, as the software does not require any installation before being used.

  • Pricing is very competitive: 0.8 SekChek units to analyse security for an entire Windows domain and 0.2 units to analyse local security settings on member Servers. Volume discounts reduce the cost of analysing large numbers of member Servers and Workstations to as little as US$40 per Server.

  • Scan units are purchased in the same manner as the current service, so you can immediately charge the cost of the Local service against your SekChek account.

We have prepared a comparison table that highlights the differences between SekChek Classic and SekChek Local. The table is available from and the software's Help file.

Download SekChek Local from our web-site or contact us for any other information including pricing options. Our Help Desk is ready to assist you with questions about any aspect of our software or services.

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