News - October 2008

SekChek Local V1.2.7: Release Notes

Main software:

  • Main Menu: Added an encryption utility. The utility uses a combination of a user-supplied password and AES / 3DES encryption algorithms. The tool is also useful for transmitting executable files across domains because the format of the file prevents it from being stripped by anti-virus software.

  • Reduced the risk of problems during the Import process due to a Scan file that has been locked for scanning by anti-virus software.

  • Enable a file to be dragged directly from SekChek's Working Directory to an Email, a ZIP file, or another directory on disk.

  • Prevent a Token Request from being issued if the Scan process did not run to completion.

Active Directory and SAM Report databases:

  • Added analyses for System Configuration details (Computer, Operating System, Processors, BIOS, Page files, Network adapter, Motherboard).

  • Added reports that analyse security permissions (DACLs) and audit rules (SACLs) defined on user-selected directories that are included in file sekinp.txt during the Scan process.

  • Added the ability to filter the results of certain report queries based on the account type (e.g. Administrative), status, or a day count. E.g. list active Administrator accounts that have not logged into the system for 30 / 60 / 90 days.

  • Added a Glossary containing definitions for all report fields contained in the report database.

Active Directory product:

  • Added new analyses of the Directory Server's disk drives, such as: the file system type; capacity / free space; and supported properties.

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