News - July 2009

SekChek Local V1.2.8 to V1.3.7: Release Notes

Main software:

  • Added a tool that calculates a file's sha1 hash value. This can be used to confirm that a file has not changed since its previous hash value was calculated.

  • Added 3 Service Request functions that automatically request common documents from SekChek.

  • Included an option to compress the Scan files. File compression reduces file sizes by up to 80%.

Active Directory and SAM Report databases:

  • Added reports that perform security comparisons over time and system.

  • Added 6 new graphical reports (bar and pie charts).

  • Added analyses of permissions (DACLs and SACLs) defined on files, in addition to directories.

  • Analyse hot-fixes installed on the system. These are updates and QFEs found in registry locations HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Hotfix and HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates.

  • Added reports that analyse network adapters on the target system(s).

  • Added the ability to print all summary reports from a single function (Summary Reports: Print).

Active Directory only:

  • Added analyses for Global Catalog Servers and Domain Controllers that have Inbound or Outbound replication disabled.

  • Added 21 new SIDs and RIDs to the list of well-known SIDs resolved by the software.

  • Added new summary reports for GPOs and GPO links to Organisational Units.

SAM product only:

  • Added two new analyses for password controls defined on member servers: Password complexity; and Passwords stored under reversible encryption.

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