News - January 2009

SekChek Classic V5.0.1: Release Notes

SekChek for OS/400:

  • Added analyses of Object and Data Authorities for 6 additional OS/400 commands (STRSQL, UPDDTA, SAVOBJ, RSTOBJ, SAVLIB, RSTLIB).

  • Improved support for Far Eastern characters.

SekChek for Windows:

  • Improved support for read-only domain controllers. Previous versions of SekChek do not recognise this type of DC.

  • Reduced the execution time for the Scan process by 10-15%.

  • Reduced the risk of the Scan process terminating if it cannot access a group member due to insufficient permission.

SekChek for UNIX:

  • Improved support for NFS mounted volumes on most UNIX variants.

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