News - August 2008

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SekChek Local

SekChek’s Local range of products caters for situations where Scan data cannot be sent off-site for analysis or Scan software cannot be executed directly on the target host. Local overcomes these concerns by scanning servers from any network PC, and then processing scan data locally using a special electronic Access Token.

Since its launch, client feedback on the Local tool has been positive and users have noted several other benefits, including:

  • Reduced turnaround times (reports can be viewed within 30 minutes of running a Scan);

  • The ability to analyse multiple Servers in one Scan;

  • Simplicity, ease-of-use; and

  • Reduced cost (Servers can be analysed from US$80 per system).

Please take a moment to view a Comparison of Features: SekChek Classic & Local products

Local Version1.2.5

Version 1.2.5 of the product was released earlier this month. Recent enhancements include:

  • The ability to analyse any Server or Domain from a single point on the network.

  • The addition of Security benchmarking features that compare your system policy settings against real-life industry averages and leading practices for security. We define leading practice as the standard adopted by the top 15% of organisations

    Current and dynamic statistics records - extracted from SekChek’s unique database of several million security metrics - are embedded in your Access Token and used to benchmark your policies against real-life security practices

    These unique Benchmark comparisons are one of the reasons why security controls for regular users of SekChek consistently feature amongst those in the top 20% of organisations we review.

  • The ability to query all Domain Controllers to get accurate last logon times for users. This feature is necessary because Windows does not replicate Users' last logon times across Domain Controllers.

  • New summary reports that: analyse security permissions and auditing defined on root directories; report on mounted disk volumes; and highlight user accounts that have been recently changed or created.

Let us know how the Local products have helped you and what additional features you would like to see in future versions.

SekChek for SQL

A tool that analyses security controls in SQL databases is currently going through final trials. Let us know if you are interested in trying this new product.

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